Playing with Beige


  • If you think that black and  white is such a basic color and can’t mixed with beige, you are wrong, try to wear some black clutch and heels to make you looks sophisticated in a formal event
  • Wearing beige color from head to toe might look boring, you can mixed it with Shocking neon or bold bright color too
  • To create semi casual outfit you can try to wear denim with beige
  • You might want to wear some stripes or polka-dot patterns as your top maybe and match it with your beige cardigan or blazer
  • Silver and gold color for the accessories? that a big YES, don’t forget to put some red or dark plum lipstick to create more dramatic look on you

About fashionticket

I'm from Indonesia. I have my own accessories fashion line now search for me at FB "Trenza Hermosas Aksesoris" I love fashion, i love to help people for their styling idea & my passion is fashion
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